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Activate Your Fascia

A Method of Connective Tissue Healing​

Your wish to walk through your day free from discomfort is possible and within reach. Fascia sculpting leads to permanent gains and will change the way you feel in your body.

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What Is Fascia and Why Work It?

Fascia is the connective tissue that runs throughout your whole body, wrapping around and throughout muscles, suspending organs, while integrating the nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic systems. When it gets tight or bound up, it pulls and restricts the muscles, causing imbalances that lead to chronic misalignment of the body.

The science is growing on the benefits of keeping our fascia healthy as we age. During a fascia activation session, you’ll energetically engage your muscles during elongation and movement. This reorganizes old, nagging, dense fascia and pesky scar tissue, and leaves you feeling greater freedom in your body.

Fascia Conditioning

A Whole-Body Rebirth

Flexibility and strength

Circulation and energy flow

Injury healing and prevention

Better sleep

“Adding Fascia Fix to my self-care routine has been life changing. As a former dancer and current workout enthusiast, Erin’s method has opened my eyes to benefits of caring for my body in a way I never have before.”

-Stacy M

“I see Erin and her Fascia Fix as the way of the future — keeping me as young of body as I am of spirit!”

-Helen B